Archives du jour : 7 octobre 2003

Amanda Disk Driver

This patch works against 2.4.4p1 version of Amanda. It provides an emulation of a robotics changer when you use the FILE: driver to backup data on disks. Very useful compared to the chg-multi generic changer. Download here.

Amanda Tape Usage

This script parses all of your reports and prints out a summary of the usage by tape of all your working tapes for Amanda. Example of result: ./ B1_01 -> 0.0 B1_02 -> 48.7 B1_03 -> 100.0 |-B1_04 -> 1.6 B1_05 -> 24.0 B1_06 -> 21.5 B1_07 -> 51.3 B1_08 […]

Amanda ping

This script tells you if an Amanda client is alive and able to answer Amanda backup requests. Usage: amping <conf> <client> Examples of answers: amping: chat1 is alive amping: backup1 is down no host found Download here.